Who we are

OCAmaster SA is the South African distributor of the internationally recognised OCAmaster brand. We provide OCAmaster’s premium-quality screen refurbishing equipment, supplies and replacement glass for Samsung and Apple mobile devices in South Africa, along with technical and implementation training for you, the refurbishing system user. Our goal is simple – to increase your profits and lower the impact of e-waste.

Part of a global network of distributors, OCAmaster SA is headed by Patrick Skeates, a mobile technology specialist with over 21 years’ experience delivering products and services both directly to consumers and at industry level. Prizing responsibility and integrity, his key objective is to meet the needs of both these client groups, and in so doing make the OCAmaster refurbishing system a high-demand product and mutually beneficial in the local market place.

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Why refurbish?

By using the OCAmaster refurbishing system, you will significantly reduce your inventory and exponentially increase your profits by repairing mobile devices faster and less expensively. And by drastically reducing your e-waste, you will also help conserve resources and decrease energy consumption.

Why not extend the life of a customer’s mobile device by reusing their functioning original LCD and just replace the damaged glass, transforming it back into the equivalent of a brand-new screen in less than an hour and at a fraction of the cost of a replacement LCD?

This is the power of refurbishing, and we are proud to be the leader in the future of the South African mobile repair industry

The future of the repair industry

OCAmaster’s patented airbag lamination technology allows defect rate of less than one percent when refurbishing Apple and Samsung screens, including those with crystal edge technology. Airbag lamination cushions the LCD/OLED during the lamination process, and accounts for micro-curvatures within the LCD/OLED so that the final product is free of any bubbles, looks extremely clean, and works 100%.

Backed up by an internationally-based R&D team that ensures OCAmaster continues to provide an expanding product range synonymous with superior robustness, quality and affordability, we have the equipment, consumables, services and training to help you take care of all models of current and future Apple and Samsung mobile devices (with other brands coming soon).